Having collected their prize Elddis Avante 866 caravan at the end of November, one of the first things our 'Go Big or Go Home' Winners wanted to make was a HUGE Advent Calendar / Elf on the Shelf.

"There are certainly enough cupboards and hiding places onboard," said Mum Lucie, "so we thought we'd turn the UK's largest family caravan into the World's largest caravan advent calendar!"


Day 1:  Causing mischief already!


Day 2:  Not so Frozen, with the super-efficient Whale heating system


Day 3:  Elfie thinks he's a fairy


Day 4:  I'm an Elfie, get me out of here!!


Day 5:  Hide and Go Elfie


Day 6:  A tricky situation...


Day 7:  A sleepover in the top bunk


Day 8:  Bananas!


Day 9:  Directing the choir


Day 10:  Date Night


Day 11:  It's the Elf Factor Final!


Day 12:  Checking the Avante's still top of it's game!


Day 13:  Elfie needs to pick Twister opponents more carefully!


Day 14:  Where's Elfie?! (Yes, he is in there somewhere...!)


Day 15:  The name's Elfie, just Elfie....


Day 16:  Chillin' out in the hot tub...


Day 17:  And with only one hour to go - a late entry for the Strictly finals!


Day 18:  Suspicions arise that Elfie might have fixed the Uno deck...


Day 19:  Snowball FIGHT!!!


Day 20:  No Scrabbling for space... The side dinette makes a great games table!


Day 21:  Office party ... Elfie plays DJ...


Day 22:  ... But is this the kind of rapping he was thinking of?!


Day 23:  Never, ever leave a Sharpie within reach of an Elfie!..


Day 24:  ALL ABOARD! Merry Christmas Everyone!!


The Go Big or Go Home adventure starts in the New Year ... so keep following to find out what happens next!