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The lightest 2-berth, 4-berth and 6-berth caravans in the UK - all in one award-winning range

The lightest caravans in the UK can all be found in one range - the Elddis Xplore.

This year Elddis has driven down the weights of all our touring caravans, across every range, using advanced materials technology. All models are now lighter and easier to tow, with no compromise on the quality or integrity of the design, build and specification. Neither has there been any compromise on the Xplore's payload, with the Xplore 302, 304 and 506 boasting a generous payload of 132kgs, 152kgs and 198kgs respectively.

Our Xplore caravan range of modern and affordable touring caravans were always the lightest in the Elddis range, but after these additional weight reductions the range now boasts the lightest caravans in the UK.

The Xplore 302: the lightest caravan in the UK at only 930kgs MTPLM with 132kgs User Payload

The Xplore 302 is a totally unique layout and is exclusive to Elddis

The Elddis Xplore 302 caravan is the smallest and lightest 2-berth caravan and is totally unique to Elddis. At a tiny 930kgs M.T.P.L.M (Maximum Technically Permissible Laden Mass) the 302 can be towed by virtually any car, can be stored on an average-sized driveway, and is easy to manoeuvre - even by one person. The Xplore 302 caravan has received rave reviews since its launch and won both the Caravan Club's Design Award and Lightweight Leisure Trailer Award on its debut. This season the winning formula has been improved yet further. The innovative new Whale underfloor heater is not only highly effective but also frees up storage space inside the caravan - 'a tardis' describes one owner. And despite its light weight, nothing inside the Xplore is flimsy. The caravan range is reassuringly solid, with real hardwood locker doors and craftsman-built cabinetry.

The Xplore 304: only 1030kgs MTPLM with 152kgs User Payload

The Xplore 304, Practical Caravan's 'Editor's Choice' 2012

The overnight success of the Xplore 302 paved the way for the lightest 4-berth caravan in the UK, the Xplore 304 caravan. This, too, is an innovative new layout totally unique to Elddis. The 304 caravan is similar to the 302 caravan, but with the addition of a side dinette which converts to a bed with lift-up bunk bed above. This suits couples who prefer the extra space to keep their sleeping and dining areas separate, or who want the option to travel with friends or family. The Xplore 304 is proving a popular choice too for young families who enjoy spontaneous holidays and weekends away. Another award-winner, the Xplore 304 was judged Practical Caravan Awards Editor's Choice for the 2012 season.

The Xplore 506: only 1365kgs MTPLM with 198kgs User Payload

The largest of the Xplore range, and still only weighing in at 1365kgs MTPLM, the 6-berth Xplore 506 is a true family caravan. With triple bunks and flexible space at the rear for sleeping and dining, the 506 is ideal for larger families. In fact, the rear of the caravan can be sectioned off providing kids with their own space - and uninterrupted sleep at night-time. Add an awning - as you can to any of the Xplore range - to create a cavernous space for a fun-filled family holiday. The Xplore 506 can be towed by most family cars and - you guessed it - is the lightest 6 berth caravan in the UK.

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