Of course, it hasn't been without drama or disaster (that's how it felt at the time!). As 'newbies' we seem to have made rookie error after rookie error...from letting the battery run too low to blowing a fuse with over-zealous use of appliances!

We're nearly three weeks into our trip now and as with most epic road trips, things haven't gone to plan! The upside is we're managing admirably now and enjoying the thrill of waking up each morning to truly stunning views from the motorhome!

Whilst we planned the trip itself in meticulous detail (we have a long list of places we planned to visit, things we wanted to do and people we wanted to meet) we were grossly under-prepared for the realities of living in a motorhome through an alpine winter. Thankfully, our motorhome is winterised which has saved us from some of the more common motorhome ski trip dramas we've seen others suffer! However, this isn't a weekend trip to the Lake District, our first three nights were -3 with 2 feet of snow covering the ground and it's not even cold here yet!

Above: Our nights so far have been a mix of Wild Camping, Aires and campsites with electric hook-up (EHU)

Novice motorhoming is a steep learning curve at the best of times and managing our power usage has been our greatest challenge. The beauty of this Autoquest 185 is we can take it pretty much anywhere - no switchback we've encountered so far has been a match for the 3.5 tonne live-aboard which negotiates the mountain passes without so much as a blink. However, the best views in the Alps are reserved for camping car aires and they are largely completely off grid in winter and that's meant careful planning of resource consumption was lesson 101 in how to make the most of a motorhome ski adventure!

Above: Elddis has got us close to all the action and the benefits of Winter motorhoming are clear to see!

We're just three weeks in and at the time of writing have managed to see eight ski resorts and villages! We're also managing to visit ski areas that are off the tourist path with no package holiday giants monopolising the landscape - we're yet to come across anything but idyllic wooden chalets nestled in the hills.

The motorhome itself has been admired wherever we go and we must say, we feel rather bashful when we pull up next to a battered old RV or a fogged up panel van in the camping areas - the SoLiD Construction means that we have enviable insulation which does mean stepping outside in the morning can be somewhat of a shock!

Above: Not all of our fellow skiers and boarders are travelling in the same level of luxury as us!

The layout is what particularly interests people and what lurks inside is even a surprise to some of the most seasoned motorhomers! With a full back bathroom, we've got a home from home when it comes to recovering from a day on the slopes in a toasty shower and with the Whale blown heating it doubles as a drying room for kit too.

Above: The Elddis Autoquest 185 is our 'home-from-home' for the coming months, as we travel Europe in search of the best snow.

In the wake of Storm Eleanor we're heading down South now - as is our privilege in a motorhome! We're leaving the sorry, avalanche-beaten slopes of the Northern Alps behind to recover and are now chasing the new snow to higher resorts.

Above: The biggest USP of being in the motorhome is that we can literally 'chase the snow', moving from resort to resort with relative ease to get the best conditions

We're sharing some of our views and experiences daily on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and James is flexing his vlogging muscles on YouTube for those interested in keeping up with our adventures on the road!