Although it only seems like yesterday, back in 2014 Elddis signed an exclusive agreement with Caravantail in the Republic of Korea.

Since then, Caravantail have become one of the biggest and best RV retailers in South Korea and a great ambassador for Elddis caravans.

With agencies in Daegu, Busan and Geumsan, Caravantail is still growing, recruiting new agencies to supply Elddis and Xplore models to meet escalating Customer demand.

However, it is the main showroom itself we’re here to see. Two years in the planning, this purpose-built state-of-the-art showroom showcases our latest caravan ranges in the bustling historical city of Hwaseong-si.

Rob Quine, Elddis MD and Kevin Hewitt, Elddis’ Research & Development Director were met by our Korean partners Jangsoo Kim, Hyungjin Kim and Brian Hong for a guided tour of this brand new facility, which could not fail to impress.

Rob told us: “Whilst we had a pretty good idea what the new showroom would look like, the reality is even better than the architect’s drawings.

“The space is so clean, bright and inviting and is the perfect environment to show off our latest caravan ranges for the Korean market.

“The Caravantail team should be rightly proud of their achievement!”

And whilst the showroom itself is proving an immediate hit with visitors, another thing Caravantail excel at is shows! Having recently represented Elddis at Korea’s biggest expo in Seoul, this weekend was the largest RV rally in Asia – the 2017 Korea Caravan Festival.

Rob and Kevin timed their visit perfectly to coincide with this exciting rally and were able to mingle with Elddis and Xplore caravanners and see what Korean caravanners think of the latest models, just arrived.

Of course, no visit would be complete without some sightseeing and culture. When the team from Caravantail visited Elddis in the UK, we gave them a tour of the North East, including Durham and Hadrian’s Wall. Rob and Kevin have enjoyed some spectacular sites in South Korea, including the Chungju Temple, with its 7-story pagoda and Buddha statue.

Korea is a foodie paradise and Rob and Kevin have been treated by their hosts to lavish buffets, complete with Steamboat and seafood galore – with lashings of Kimchi and smaller amounts of Soju!

We wish Caravantail continued success and thank them for their wonderful hospitality!