The Explorer Group Limited is delighted to announce that Adventure Leisure Vehicles in Cumbria is expanding, eager to represent our flagship Buccaneer brand of touring caravans.

With their purpose-built site in Tebay, Michael Hold and the team at Adventure Leisure Vehicles have built a reputation for reliability and attentive customer care, specialising in the luxury RV market.

Until recently, the Company has been sole distributor of Airstream in the UK but as that era came to an end, Michael realised there was a large hole in his portfolio – which could only be filled by the 8ft-wide super-luxe Buccaneer.

above: The best-selling Buccaneer Cruiser with retractable transverse fixed bed


Since their appointment in September, at the start of the 2017 Season, Michael tells us that 'demand for the phenomenal new Buccaneer range has reached fever pitch' and that he is thrilled to have got off to such a successful start with this iconic brand.

Buccaneer’s heritage spans over 40 years and Michael Hold himself is part of that history. In the late 1990s, Michael was part of the team that brought Buccaneer into the Explorer Group where it has been made ever-since in our County Durham Factory. As the then Design and Marketing Director at Explorer, Michael knew the cachet that Buccaneer had and continues to hold.

above: Adventure Leisure Vehicles' M.D. Michael Hold (l) with Explorer Group M.D. Rob Quine (r)


Over a decade since Michael left to set up Adventure Leisure Vehicles, Buccaneer’s renowned quality and craftsmanship has been enhanced immeasurably by the Explorer Group’s introduction of SoLiD Construction fully-bonded technology.

This premium range is now the most opulent and most sought-after of all UK touring caravans and the 2017 Season line-up is proving to be the most commercially successful to date.

above: Buccaneer boasts unparalleled specification, including 8ft width, E&P remote-controlled self-levelling system, Alde central heating and underfloor heating, 100w solar panel ... and of course SoLiD Construction with 10 Year Water Ingress and Body Integrity Warranty


Michael confirms: “The Adventure Leisure Vehicle Customer is incredibly discerning, so I am confident that our Clients will be thrilled by the sheer level of specification that Buccaneer provides.

“These touring caravans are spectacularly stylish and robustly well-built.

“In fact, my only issue is that I may have underestimated just how good these new Buccaneers are and I should probably have ordered many more to satisfy the surge in demand!”

Michael Hold with Explorer Group's Sales Director, Spencer Davies (r) and Account Manager, Tony Swarbrick (l)


Spencer Davies, Sales Director at The Explorer Group Limited, is delighted to confirm this exciting new partnership.

He says: “Buccaneer is a UK success story. We have expanded the range this season to include two great new layouts – including a unique 6-berth family layout, the Galera, which is proving a best-seller already.

above: The all-new 6-berth Buccaneer Galera is the most luxurious UK family caravan on the market today


“Strengthening our retailer network means we can offer more Customers more choice. Adventure Leisure Vehicles love the Buccaneer range and we are confident that they will enjoy great success with our brand.”  

For more information contact Michael and the Adventure Leisure Vehicles team on 01539 62 41 41 or email: