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A series of questions relating to Parts.

Q: Where can I get spare parts for my caravan or motorhome?

A: We do not supply spare parts direct to the public at present, but our network of Retailers will be able to source most parts you require. For details of your nearest Elddis, Compass, Xplore or Buccaneer Retailer please refer to our Retailer Locator on our website or call 0371 964 2113 for assistance.

In addition there are companies that buy up old stock and they may be able to assist you. Their details can usually be found in the advertiser sections of the popular caravan and motorhome press.

Q. How many years will the spare parts be available for my caravan?

A. In accordance with NCC guidelines, introduced in September 2003, we will endeavour to supply spare parts for up to 8 years before current caravan and motorhome production. However, this is dependent upon parts availability from our suppliers.

Q. Why don't you stock parts at your factory?

A. Due to the volume of models we produce it is not possible for us to maintain stock levels of every individual component used in our manufacturing process. We do stock commonly requested items, but some items must be made to order to ensure their pristine condition on delivery.

Q. What if the parts are no longer available?

A. Where an original part is no longer available, we will advise a suitable alternative if it is available.

Q. There has been a delay in receiving parts, who can help me?

A. We do not advise customers to contact us directly, as you will not have the unique sales order identification number that will be required to trace your order. Your Elddis, Compass, Xplore or Buccaneer Retailer has a dedicated account handler who they can consult about any aspect of their parts order. Please ask your Retailer to consult our Parts Department for this information.