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Attention grabbing style - inside and out! The Crusader range sets the benchmark for luxurious family caravans

Crusader Mistral £25,594

4 berth on the road*

5 from 8 reviews

The Crusader Mistral is a single-axle model with retractable transverse fixed bed and luxurious end bathroom to the rear. A popular option for couples and families alike.


*OTR price includes PDI & delivery charge of RRP £595

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Howard Campbell

Friday 9th October 2015

This new van has the WOW factor, just had a week away on the East Coast in ours. Not disappointed it is all it claims to be. Love our Mistral.

Howard Campbell

Tuesday 24th November 2015

Took delivery in September and been out in it twice. I have to say this is the best van we have ever had, so comfortable and so many lights. The Alde heating system is brilliant. We also like the retractable bed gives more room during the daytime. We can highly recommend this model.


Saturday 1st October 2016

Really happy we ordered the Elddis Crusader Tempest. It's got everything in it, space is good, love the colour of the seats and all the lights are great as well! What can I say - well done, you got yourself a sale! Collect my new Tempest from Wandahome in October!

Dan and Jan Kelly

Monday 20th February 2017

Ordered a 2017 Elddis Crusader Mistral in October through Whitfords of Burnley. Our previous caravan was a Coachman Laser and we spent many months deciding between another Coachman or the Mistral. In the end we chose Mistral for it's outstanding design and it ticked most of the boxes for us. We are putting our trust in Eddis and Solid Construction, looking forward to delivery around March 2017!

Michael Robinson

Saturday 25th February 2017

Fell in love with the look of the Crusader Mistral externally but was wowed when I got to view it internally at Manchester Event City 2017. In my 18 years of caravaning I've never owned an Elddis and I - like another reviewer - am putting my faith in the brand and it's SoLiD Construction!! Last two vans have been ALUtech!! Very impressed by the service so far from Preston Caravans! Picking my Mistral up 21st March. Nervously excited.

Dan and Jan Kelly

Saturday 11st March 2017

Further to our previous review, we took delivery of our Elddis Crusader Mistral on 10th March from Whitfords of Burnley - who gave us excellent, friendly service throughout our buying process. The Mistral, what can we say, it's just so beautiful! We have been caravanning since 1983 and we've never been so in love with a caravan. It's worth all the money just to stand and look at it. Seriously this is a caravan you just want to cherish. As we are now in our mid sixties this could well be our last ever caravan but then why would we ever want to change it. Love it!!

Michael Robinson

Wednesday 22nd March 2017

OMG! What can I say from purchasing this van at Event City Manchester to the delivery at Prestons Caravans the whole experience has been seamless and smooth! Thank you to Spencer from the Elddis management team for your assistance and advice which encouraged me to buy this Caravan! Like other reviewers I was a little anxious changing from my trusted manufacturer! But that was unfounded - the Crusader Mistral is just stunning inside and out! People stared when pulling onto the site yesterday and we felt great! Everything works perfectly! We love love love our New Mistral (Misty) ... the best 50th birthday present to self ever!!! Thank you Prestons and Elddis!

Glenn Roberts

Monday 15th October 2018

Having been continuously caravanning since I was 21 and having bought my first when I was 26 (we borrowed a friends van before we owned our own). Having had several including two new vans I was spurred on in August 2017 to buy a new van when my then current one was stolen.

What was different for me was that for the first time I was going to look for a new van without having built up to the idea over a long period and so I had no idea what I really wanted.

My circumstances had also changed since buying my last van in that now I am a widower and so would have to look at the van from a new angle.

My previous van had a side double bed with a rear bathroom and two things I knew was that the new van would have to have the end bathroom, but definitely not the side double, as It was a major operation to make up!

Whilst the insurance claim was proceeding I began to look at all of the model styles available. I did not want a twin axle, as I like the manoeuvrability you get from a single axle, and was prepared to accept the lower Maximum User Payload I got with a single axle. I still liked the idea of having a fixed bed, but discounted the two singles proposition as they are, for me, too narrow, and so it was the transverse double for me.

Once I had decided on my favoured layout, end bathroom, transverse fixed double bed, I then began to look at manufacturers. This took a little while, reading up on each model and then travelling to a dealer who supported that manufacturer to look at build, colour and overall caravan looks. After this process I had whittled it down to having Elddis as my favoured manufacturer, but they had four ranges. Well instantly Buccaneer was out, as there was no single axle in my layout (I would have bought Buccaneer if there had been one though), so I had the other three to choose from.

During October there is the NEC caravan show and as luck would have it I was also at the NEC working my own industry exhibition, but even better mine finished on the Saturday and by staying over one extra night I was able to attend the caravan show on the Sunday. I had done my research and knew each model within each manufacturers range, which hall and in what order I wanted to view them.

I was there at 09:15 and had to wait until the show opened at 10:00, eagerly sitting outside of the door to the hall my first visit was set for. By noon I had looked at everything I had previously discounted and was happy with each of my decisions and found myself on the Elddis stand. I then carefully looked at the models that I had singled out and spent time in each of them. To be honest they were excellent, each having its own ambience and openness that I wanted, but one stood out above the rest and that was the Crusader Mistral, I just fell in love with it.

I placed my order with my preferred dealer and collected my brand new Mistral on the 29th November 2017. I had been without a caravan for the first time since August 1984 and it had been a traumatic four months of not being able to go away at the drop of a hat, but now I could again!

My Mistral has performed flawlessly for me, it is so spacious, clean and fresh, the bed is so comfortable and the bathroom is a treat, I am extremely happy. I cannot fault the van in any way at all; it is everything I expected of it and more. In the last 11 months the van has travelled behind my car for 6119 miles and I have spent 107 nights in it, visiting Belgium, Germany and France in the process, in fact it feels like I have hardly been at home. I don’t think I’ll be away as much in 2019, as I think this year I was making up for lost time, but nonetheless I will travel to France at least twice and already have a 10 day break in Cologne, Germany booked for early March. I love my Mistral!

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