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The Avante has all the specification you need for your perfect family caravan, in a lightweight, affordable package!

Avante 586 £20,594

6 berth on the road*

4.7 from 3 reviews

The Avante 586 will really appeal to families. The rear of the caravan boasts fixed bunk beds, plus a sizeable corner bathroom/dressing area. Opposite the family kitchen you’ll find a side dinette which converts to a single bed with lift-up bunk. And up-front the large lounge area converts to a super-size double at night.

*OTR price includes PDI & delivery charge of RRP £595

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Practical Caravan

Tuesday 18th October 2016

Among a clutch of new models in the Avante range for 2017, one stands head and shoulders above the rest as an ideal van for larger families (who may not be ready for the super-size 8ft-wide Avante 866). The clever sleeping arrangements mean that should you have four children they can all sleep in their own individual bed. Thanks to this layout, the bathroom is also impressively large. The kitchen has plenty of room to prepare a family meal, which you can enjoy together in the spacious lounge. Bright upholstery and light wood give the 586 real appeal. If you think that this layout sounds familiar, you are right. The Avante 586 is in fact an up-specced version of last year's Practical Caravan winner, the Xplore 586. The fact that this is the Company's third consecutive win in this Family Caravan category suggests that the County Durham-based firm really does understand what large families need.

Adele Colbourne

Monday 29th May 2017

The space in this caravan is great. The bathroom is a great size and everything is super modern & fresh looking. There are 7 plug sockets which is more than any other van make we looked at. All the overhead cupboards have auto lock which is brilliant.

There is lots of storage space and under seat storage is ample. The beds are extremely comfortable.

There are only 2 flaws I've found with the caravan which we've only noticed as we've been living in it.

The first...when the door is open, you can't have the kitchen window open! And in the awning...if you have a wheel draught cover, the little stick on hooks mean when you open the door you get a dent in your door...like we have. Little things but they do make a big difference!

Tim Edwards

Tuesday 3rd July 2018

Having owned this caravan for a few months now I feel I can at last write an accurate review. From front to back there is a spacious front locker that will hold two the biggest of gas bottles you will ever need for an extended stay, however, watch your nose-weight because this model already weighs in fairly heavy anyway. Add in a 100amp leisure battery in the side locker and I find it already at the 85kg limit of my tow car. With a max nose-weight of 100kg a hefty 4x4, SUV or people carrier and you could stuff it full. Watch you don't put any loose small bits in there because there is a big gap between the locker floor and the front panel so things can drop through such as your leg winder or blocks.

Moving inside the interior is spacious and bright thanks to a large panoramic high roof light and lovely décor that should stand the test of time. The cushions are comfy and well made but the bed is a little on the firm side for me. A negative of the front bed is that the slats don't cover the whole width of the bed. You extend the slats to the end and the wife sinks between the front drawers and the bed. Pull it out short to prevent this and I fall off the bed when I sit on the edge. The caravan has 7 plug sockets and two aerial points for the TV. There is a handy cupboard that divides the sitting area to the dining and this couples as a great place to put your TV and houses the table in down time.

The dining area will sit two and its a great place to sit the children for breakfast whilst your wrestling putting the bed away. The kitchen comes with a microwave and Dometic Fridge and Oven. The hob has 3 gas burners and a hot plate. The only negatives here are that the knobs on the oven have already started to break and will need replacing soon and that the hob rack comes adrift from its rubber mountings in transit and I worry it would break the glass top so I remove this during towing for safety.

The Children report that the bunks are comfy and they love having their own space by being able to pull the curtains around. One thing that would be handy though on future models would be some USB ports in the bunk areas to they can plug in their Phones or Tablets.

At the rear is a corner Bathroom with shower enclosure. Given the actual space in there its actually quite spacious. The sink is a bowl type and although it looks good its not the most practical sink for a family caravan. My daughter struggles to lean over the sink as its so high and steep sides cause the water in the sink to slosh over onto the surface below. The same happens when washing your face. This leads to the next issue that the water that goes down the back of the sink is hard to wipe up as the space is too small to get your hand in so you have to roll a towel up to clean spillages.

We used ours for the first time in February and the heater was very good if not a little noisy on the medium and high. The medium setting is the worse as the speed of the fan seems to change constantly resulting in a irritating sound. We found that the low setting was enough to keep the chill off even on a frosty feb night.

During towing the caravan is very stable for the most part. With ATC as standard it adds a bit of piece of mind when your being passed by a fast moving coach or taught liner.

Apart from that one major negative of the bathroom sink the Van is fantastic and the dodgy sink really cannot warrant loosing a star. Would I recommend this Caravan? Most certainly yes. Both for design and practicality it scores 5 stars. There are a few silly issues that I think need addressing to make it a superb caravan but if you look at the competition this would win hands down.

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