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The Avante has all the specification you need for your perfect family caravan, in a lightweight, affordable package!

Avante 550 £20,344

4 berth on the road*

4.8 from 4 reviews

The Avante 550 is a great lightweight island bed single-axle model. This model features a separate bathroom and shower cubicle amidships, which can be sectioned off to create en-suite facilities.

*OTR price includes PDI & delivery charge of RRP £595

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Mr. Keith Weaver

Tuesday 16th May 2017

After several caravans and all with twin beds, we chose the Elddis Avante 550 with a fixed double bed. I must be honest and say its the best sleep in any caravan we have ever owned. Its a very well made caravan. Strong and well designed with lots of great features. I would have liked an outside access point, allowing me to store under the front seats. It would have been perfect if there was extra lighting behind the bed for reading. For two people its a perfect caravan, one we plan on keeping for a long time!

Barry Goulding

Saturday 12nd August 2017

We are now into our 4th year of Caravanning and onto our 3rd Caravan. I don't think we will be changing our Van again anytime soon. We purchased the Avante 550 late 2017 and it was the best investment we ever made.

The Avante is easy to tow, the Alko ATC gives you great peace of mind. The Alloy wheels and trendy decals make the Avante look really nice too.

Inside, my Wife loves the Colour Scheme but the reason we bought this model is the fixed Island Bed and mid ship Bathroom. This layout suits us perfectly, generally there is only the two of us that use the van but if we do have visitors the layout means we won't be disturbed on a night if our guests need the loo.

Having an Island bed means also that the space under the bed is ideal for storage, plus there are plenty of cupboards in this model.

As I have inferred previously, we love this model and are looking forward to making some great memories in it, both here in the UK and on the Continent.

Graham Riley

Friday 1st September 2017

This is an excellent caravan and great value for the money we paid. We have already spent 2 1/2 months touring France and about 3000 miles. A great sleep and a bed my wife adapted to very quickly. Only major problem was the spare wheel carrier - put a good padlock on or it comes loose, also for security. No water leaks and we were in some very severe storms in eastern France and the Pyrenees , All in all a very good 'van for long term touring.

Rob J

Saturday 8th September 2018

Having camped for many years we were looking for a caravan to allow us to step up the weekends away as we approached retirement.

The key for use was the bed, I'm over 6 foot 1 and didn't want either my feet against a wall or having to climb over someone to use the toilet in the night.

Having spent a lot of time looking at the various layouts we decided on a island bed and as the Avante didn't have a wall at the end it came to the top of our list.

We have been using this van all summer and absolutely love it, the bed is fantastic and the rest of the van great. In the end we went for a dealer special version as our local dealer is an Elddis specialist and the additional cost of the extras in the dealer special was less than it would have cost to add them as extras to the standard van. (There is a link on this site of which dealers offer dealer special vans maybe worth checking if you have one local to you before buying)

If your car is heavy enough don't forget to have the van weight plate increased to 1500kg, this is free if you do it at the time you buy and gives you a useful increase in the van load out.

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