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Affinity 574 £23,094

4 berth on the road*

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With super-comfortable beds at the rear and the central bathroom, this new layout works equally well for couples, families or those who like the option of travelling with friends! The bathroom can be sectioned-off to create a couple’s en-suite or a family bathroom - the best of both worlds!

*OTR price includes PDI & delivery charge of RRP £595

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Paul Smith

Sunday 6th May 2018

As with most people the layout of the van was the most important reason for buying. For the vast majority of trips there are just 2 of us but the van can easily cater for 4 to sleep and with an awning several visitors can be put up. The 574 has the layout that suited us with a good sized bedroom at the back, central bathroom and front kitchen and living room. It is ideal to have the bathroom accessed from front or rear whilst still having the some privacy in the bedroom should you need it. The beds are a good size and comfortable with plenty of cupboards and the centre chest of draws providing adequate storage in the bedroom area. Under bed storage is good but not big enough for wide recliners or larger objects that could be stored under a double bed. Whilst the wardrobe is not full length it is more than adequate for most people’s needs. Whilst the shower floor has a step in it to accommodate the wheel arch it does not cause any problems when using it. I am 6 ft and have no issues showering.

The toilet area is also fine for space and facilities but the position of the toilet isn’t ideal when it comes to gents standing. The lid and seat does not stay up when the toilet is twisted to the angle needed. The basin is small but serves its purpose although the movement of the tap is hindered by the van wall and basin itself. You can not get full movement of the tap lever.

The kitchen layout is great, again having plenty of good storage in the way of drawers and cupboards. The large sink suits us much better than previous small alternatives that you struggle to fit a standard plate into. The long roof light is a great addition and the whole of the front area has lots of natural daylight and at night good lighting is provided in all the areas needed.

Outside the van looks stylish and appears well constructed. There is good access with side lockers for under bed access. The front locker is let down by the door only opening to 90deg. You need to kneel down to access anything inside which is awkward to say the least. If the door was to open another 45deg the problem would be resolved. Another design issue is with the rear marker light being inside the awning rail and thus restricting the position of the awning poles against the van. Just moving it to the corner of the back panel would resolve this.

My only other gripe would be the quality of interior finish in some places. There are far too many laminate stickers covering screw heads. The stickers may seem a small issue but become really noticeable and an annoyance once you start living in the van. Pipes coming through the woodwork in the bathroom are far from central to the cutout in the wood. To me this cheapens the otherwise high quality of the van and with a little more attention could have been avoided.

My summary is that we have a great van that really suits our needs and I would recommend it to others. With a few design issues to resolve and more attention to detail in manufacture it would make it the perfect product.

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