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The diminutive stature of the Accordo belies its tardis-like interior, for the best of both worlds!

Accordo 125 £42,499

3 / 4 berth on the road*

5 from 3 reviews

A best-selling compact coachbuilt motorhome for two to three people! The front dinette converts into a single bed for a small adult or child, but the piêce-de-resistance is the rear fixed double bed with ‘garage’ storage beneath - accessed from both the rear outside locker door or from the inside of the motorhome.

*OTR price includes PDI & delivery charge of RRP £1,450

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Kenneth Matheson

Wednesday 18th October 2017

I have just spent 4 weeks in Sweden and Denmark travelling around dog shows with my five dogs. There is plenty of space in the vehicle with the under bed area being used to hold the dogs when travelling and for them to lie in when parked up. There should be no problems for a family as the floor space available when the rear bed is lifted is incredible and allows for a playroom for children if you should incur bad weather conditions on your holiday.

Fern & Adrienne Davis

Wednesday 14th March 2018

We’re a touring band called Daughters of Davis and we have a gorgeous Elddis Accordo 125 and it is the greatest asset for musicians on the road! It’s the dream van, ultimate luxury when living a busy lifestyle playing concerts around the uk & across Europe and it makes our job so much easier, we love it! It’s like taking home with you...except the van is actually flasher than my home haha!!

It’s got a room heater/fan, a lovely warm shower, an oven, double bed (so very comfortable), wardrobe hanging space (perfect for gig outfits) and a huge space under the bed for our pa and instruments which can be accessed from the outside back as well as inside!

One of my favourite features is the front seats that spin to join the other two seats to make a living room at one end. That’s really great for hanging out after shows, we’ve had tea with Rufus Hound chilling in our living room in the van til the early ours after we played the Apollo, E from the Eels took a tour of our van and wanted to swap his jumbo-cruiser with Otis (that’s the van’s name ;) ) and many other adventures including safely touring us around the homelands and abroad allowing us to support artists like Leona Lewis, Sam Bailey, Peter Andre & Rebecca Ferguson.

susan kearnan

Wednesday 21st March 2018

I second Kenneth Matheson's review! We too use ours for dog shows etc. We have German Shepherds! Plenty of room/scope to accommodate dogs and still sleep 3 people! Best motorhome for versatility and size for parking etc. Enjoyed immensely our trips to Ireland and Europe so far.

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