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SoLiD Construction

Weights start at 1943kgs MTPLM
Prices start at £32,194 On the Road (OTR price includes delivery charge of RRP £495)


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Buccaneer Galera

Buccaneer Clipper

4 berth | £32,194 On the Road (OTR price includes delivery charge of RRP £495)

The Buccaneer Clipper is completely different to any caravan you have seen before. This exclusive model boasts two transverse single beds, which retract during the day! The Clipper also features a luxurious and well-equipped end-bathroom – and don’t forget, you can even programme your hot water and Alde central heating (including underfloor heating) via your mobile phone!

Year 2017
Range Buccaneer
Product Name Buccaneer Clipper
Number of Berths 4
Wheel Rim Size 5 1/2Jx14 5x112
Brake Size
Tyre Size 175/65 R14 90
Tyre Pressure 47
Internal Length 6390mm / 21'10"
External Length 6940mm / 22'9"
Shipping Length 8140mm / 26'8"
Overall Width 2450mm / 8'00"
Overall Height 2635mm / 8'8"
Maximum Headroom 1950mm / 6'5"
Internal Width 2308mm / 7'7"
Awning Size 10900mm / 35'9"
Front Beds

2 x Single 720mm x 1810mm / 2'4" x 5'11" or 1 x Double 2120mm x 1440mm 7'0" x 4'9"

Side Dinette

2 x Single 1800mm x 700mm / 5'11" x 2'4" 1885mm x 700mm / 6'2" x 2'4"

Rear Beds
Maximum Hitch Weight
Mass in Running Order 1797kgs / 35.37cwt
Optional Equipment Payload 0
Maximum User Payload 159kgs / 3.13cwt
Plated M.T.P.L.M 1956kgs / 38.50cwt
Max M.T.P.L.M 2000kgs / 39.37cwt

Note 1: The Mass in Running Order includes a manufacturing tolerance for material variances and 10kgs per gas bottle, the number of bottles is equal to the number of connections provided at the regulator.           
Note 2: Maximum User Payload includes the Personal Effects payload and the Optional Equipment Payload. 
Note 3: If you require a larger payload it is possible to upgrade the Plated Maximum Technical Permissible Laden Mass. Please contact your supplying retailer for more information.          
Note 4: If you wish to reduce your caravans Plated Maximum Technical Permissible Laden Mass this is possible but it will be by 50kgs and will reduce your User Payload.  
Note 5: Please take care to ensure that you have allowed for the masses of all items you intend to carry in the caravan.      
Note 6:  Warning under no circumstances must the plated MTPLM of the caravan be exceeded.      
Note 7: All front bed sizes are quoted with wrap round seating          
Note 8: The porch awning height is measured directly above the main entrance door
Note 9: All data is calculated using metric weights and measurements. The imperial figures quoted are conversions thereof.
Note 10: All dimensions have a tolerance of +/-25mm
Note 11: The overall height measurement is taken with the aerial in the lowest position.